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The Alps Foothills are a sub-biome of the Alps biome that was added in a Biomes o' Plenty update for Minecraft 1.11.2. It spawns around the taller Alps mountains, reaches to about the cloud layer, has Overgrown Stone covered in snow as its surface block, and is dotted with Fir trees. Along with its parent biome, it was removed in 1.18 due to the terrain generation changes making the biome invalid.


  • This biome is easier to survive in compared to its parent biome, since this sub-biome has some fir trees scattered around that provides you with some wood to build a house, but it is hard to find food, because sheep are the only food-dropping mob. It is recommended that you bring supplies and animals from other biomes so that you may create a farm. It is not suggested that you live in the Alps or the Foothills because of the limited resources and isolation.

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