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This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.

The Arctic biome used to be a snowy forest with tall fir trees, but in newer versions of BOP, it was a snowy wasteland with no trees or tallgrass. Only hostile mobs spawned in this biome. Villages could be found in this biome. A sub-biome of this biome is the Glacier biome.

Evidently, the Arctic does not currently exist. Its sub-biome, the Glacier, can be found near vanilla Ice Plains.


The Arctic Biome was a very cold biome and sat at the approximate elevation of a vanilla Plains biome.


The Arctic had no known unique generation glitches.


The arctic biome is an extremely flat and desolate biome, only interrupted by the occasional glacier and frozen river. It is completely covered in snow and is without any tallgrass or passive mobs. The overall desolate and inhospitable nature of this biome is comparable with the Wasteland biome.


The Arctic sits at about the general height of the Plains. It is cold and snowy.

Known Deformities[]

The Arctic does not have any unique glitches.

Survival Tactics[]

Suggested Resources[]

  • Saplings - If living here, you're going to need a source of trees (unless you live on the edge of the biome, where there may be trees from another biome).
  • Wood - You're going to need some wood to begin building; Saplings may take a while to grow.
  • Food source - Bring animals or seeds. I suggest bringing seeds as animals require you to feed them, breed them, and cook their meat. Seeds require less resources; you need water. If it's frozen, simply use a torch!

Suggested Method[]

Simply use the resources listed above to survive. Use your wood to build a shelter, prepare your food source, and plant your saplings. It's not a very good way of life, but if you are smart with limited rations than it will turn out fine. Zombies can also provide Rotten Flesh for food after night passes.


  • In real life, the Arctic biome corresponds to a variant of taiga with tall trees and scattered forest. In places like Northern Alaska and Siberia, these areas are tundra with no trees or tall grass.


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