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The Auroral Garden is a considerably rare biome that contains rainbow birch and fir trees. It has no hostile mobs, and Violets, Icy Irises and Grass cover the landscape. The grass in this biome is frosted, and snow covers the landscape. This biome has plenty of wood, and the passive mobs provide food, making it a good biome to live in. It will often spawn near a Mushroom Field and Frozen Ocean, which is why is it so rare. Previous versions of this biome before 1.18 had no snow, bluish-green grass, and lots of flowers. Prior to 1.19.2, it was an island biome.


It was added in 1.15.1, being the rarest biome in the entire game. It was previously known as Rainbow Hills and then Rainbow Valley.

Before, the Origin Valley biome was the rarest



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