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The Badlands are extremely dry (like the Desert biome) and hilly (like the Extreme Hills biome). Its surface is covered mainly by uncolored hardened clay, but also a considerable amount of clay, red hardened clay and orange hardened clay. No vegetation or friendly mobs spawn here. This biome has a blue sky with hints of yellow. Ravines will spawn here often, so bring along boots enchanted with Feather Falling if you are scared of falling into one by accident. Tanzanite spawns here. You will also find an exceptional amount of gold very close to the surface and in mineshafts just under hills.


Dead bushes are the only vegetation that spawns naturally in the Badlands.

Mobs & NPCs[]

Passive Mobs do not spawn in this biome. The hilly nature of the terrain and its impressive overhangs make it dangerous due to mobs staying around during the day. But NPC villages spawn here, they are the main source to survive.

Early Survival[]

Survival is extremely hard in this biome. Lack of water, grass, villages and trees makes it almost impossible to find food and make tools. The only ways to find food naturally there is by either killing zombies and eating rotten flesh (which can cause hunger), or mine to try to find dirt underground and wood from an abandoned mineshaft. If a player wants to make their home in the Badlands biome, they will have to import dirt, seeds and saplings from elsewhere to be able to survive properly.

Interesting Strategies[]

Survival is nearly impossible in this biome; food is hard to come by, one major suggestion is to bring some seeds and dirt with you when you attempt to survive here. Otherwise, you'll be dead after a while; to pass time while not draining your hunger bar, use a bed to skip the nights, and your hunger bar will not deplete while you are sleeping, keeping you alive for possibly a few more days. Summary: Survival is hard without seeds in this biome, don't try it.


  • In real life, a badland is a biome made of sedimentary rocks, extremely dry and eroded by water and/or wind. It generally displays a specific colors due to the oxidation of the sedimentary rocks with the water that used to flow there.
  • The yellowish sky of badlands may represent sand particles that are suspended in the air because of the wind.
  • The Mesa biome from the vanilla game is renamed to "Badlands" as of 1.13.

Gallery - Current version[]

Previous Version[]

Screenshots of what the biome looked like in previous versions

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