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In the Bayou biome, overcast skies overlook a lush swampy area with tall willow trees with hanging spanish moss. The Bayou can be divided into two parts: water and land. The ground of the land part is made of dirt and is covered by Grass, Mud, and few Mushrooms. Cattails spawn around the biome, and ferns are found very frequently. Villages do not spawn here, although Witch Huts can. Slimes can also be found above ground in this biome. Squids spawn in the water. Surviving in this biome can be pretty easy. It has a large amount of wood, and a lot of grass to get seeds.

There was a sub-biome, Deep Bayou, a deeper version of the bayou, however this was removed in 1.18 due to the generation changes making the biome invalid.


  • Bayou, in real life, is the name given in USA for swamp wetlands in Louisiana and Texas.
  • Before 1.8, the biome ID was 27.
  • Bayou biome is one of the swamp/wetland biome with the least amount of water.


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