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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.
Notes: Removed in Minecraft 1.13.2

A Biome Essence is an item that you can craft with a Biome Finder to help you find the location of a desired biome. 


  • As of the 1.8.9 update, Biome Essence Ore can be mined in the End to acquire Biome Essence. The Biome Essence Ore drops 1-2 random Biome Essences.
  • It can also be found in loot chests in dungeons and mineshafts [needs verification]
  • It can be summoned by using the command /give @p biomesoplenty:biome_essence 1 0 {biomeID:###} Replace the ### with the proper ID of the biome you wish to find.


Biome Essence Ore generates in veins in the End with a vein size of 1-2. They generate near the bottom of the central island where you fight the dragon. They will also generate on the Outer Islands in the End Highlands biome.

Image 2022-05-20 205635214
2016-06-16 20.06

Distribution pattern as seen with X-Ray mods


Once crafted with a Biome Finder, the Finder becomes permanently fixed to locate the biome indicated by the Essence. The Biome Essence must have a specified biome or else the Finder cannot be crafted. The Biome Essence provided in Creative mode does not have a biome specified and will not work.

Fixed Biome Finder

A Biome Essence used to create a fixed Biome Finder


Once crafted, the Biome Finder will point you to the nearest biome of the type contained in the Essence. However, it doesn't always lead you to the nearest biome, it only locates biomes within a 14,000 block radius. Similar to a compass, if you turn so that the purple light is at the top and go in that direction, you will find the aforementioned biome. If there is no matching biome within 14,000 blocks, the light will not turn on.

2016-06-16 17.41

A Biome Finder in use


When it was first added, it had a different texture, resembling a yin yang. This was changed to dust in 1.8. It was removed in 1.13.2 and higher.


Old Biome essence single

The old look for the Biome Essence

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