A Biome Essence is an item that you can craft with a Biome Finder to help you find the location of a desired biome. 

Obtaining #BOP Edit

  • As of the 1.8.9 update, Biome Essence Ore can be mined in the End to acquire Biome Essence. The Biome Essence Ore drops 1-2 random Biome Essences.
  • It can also be found in loot chests in dungeons and mineshafts [needs verification]
  • It can be summoned by using the command /give @p BiomesOPlenty:biome_essence 1 0 {biomeID:###} Replace the ### with the proper ID of the biome you wish to find.

Generation Edit

Biome Essence Ore generates in veins in the End with a vein size of 1-2. The Generate near the bottom of the central Island. They will also generate on the outer islands of the end but only the big ones with Chorus Fruit trees.

2016-06-16 20.04.51

3 Naturally Generating Biome Essence Ore (Ender Amethyst in the center)

2016-06-16 20.06.22

Distribution pattern as seen with X-Ray mods

Crafting Edit

Once crafted with a Biome Finder, the Finder becomes permanently fixed to locate the biome indicated by the Essence. The Biome Essence must have a specified biome or else the Finder cannot be crafted. The Biome Essence provided in Creative mode does not have a biome specified and will not work.

Fixed Biome Finder

A Biome Essence used to create a fixed Biome Finder

Usage Edit

It doesn't always lead you to the nearest biome, so you might have to take a bit of a journey to find it.[needs verification]

2016-06-16 17.41.17

A Biome Finder in use

History Edit

Old Biome essence single

The old look for the Biome Essence