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Current as of version for MC 1.7.10.

Birch Forest is a simple forest covered in only birch trees.


Birch forest biome is a relatively flat biome. Various types of grasses, poison ivy, clover patches, and poppies can be found scattered on the surface, and the biome is composed of a medium density birch tree forest. Villages by default can spawn in this biome.

Surviving in this biome is easy. The various types of grass provide ample wheat seeds, the large amount of birch wood, and the possibility for villages to spawn allow for more access to resources.

As with all forests, there are minor cons. The trees allow hostile mobs to hide and ambush the player. Building any aboveground structure typically requires to clear cut the area necessary. The poision ivy can poison the player, leaving him or her vulnerable to further damage.

Survival Tactics Edit

The Birch forest is a really good starting biome because of the large amounts of trees. Sadly you wont get an achievement of punching wood from Birches.

The Survival rating for this biome is an 8/10

Interesting Strategies Edit

Really? You REALLY need an interesting strategy for a biome as simple as this? Well, the only thing I can point out is that this forest is birch-only. Birch trees are generally the highest trees from original Minecraft. Building a treehouse would be great. Summary: This section isn't very long, stop being lazy and just read the whole thing


  • Villages spawning in the birch forest biome uses oak wood, even if it cannot be found naturally in this biome.
  • In real life, birch forests can be found in temperate and some boreal climates of Europe, Asia and North America.
  • Birch Forest is a popular custom biome in Minecraft and mods. It can be found in ExtraBiomesXL, for example. It is now also found in the official vanilla Minecraft since 1.7.2.


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