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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.

Blue fire is a unique variant of fire.

It is distinct from normal fire as it does not burn blocks or entities, nor spreads like normal fire. Instead, it inflicts the Curse Effect for a duration of 10 seconds to entities that touch it including the player.


Natural Generation[]

Blue fire naturally generates in random patches across the terrain of the Phantasmagoric Inferno.

Blue Fire Jar[]

Blue fire can be obtained in the form of a Blue Fire Jar by using an Empty Jar on blue fire.


Blue fire can be placed using a Blue Fire Jar, leaving an Empty Jar in the players hand.

Other than being an annoyance and possibly a prank utility, blue fire has no uses by itself. It can not be used to inflict damage for use cases such as mob farms or combat like normal fire can.


  • As part of the 1,16 Nether Update, Mojang added their own version of blue fire to the base game known as Soul Fire, this subsequently resulted in the removal of blue fire in later versions.


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