Biomes O' Plenty Wiki

Body Temperature is arguably the most prominent feature in Tough As Nails. Your body temperature is controlled by many different things, from the biome temperature, to the time of day, and more.

Below is a full list of things that can affect your body temperature:

  • Biome Temperature
  • Hot/Cold Source Blocks
  • Heating/Cooling Coils
  • Sprinting
  • Armor
  • Seasons
  • Time of Day
  • Weather
  • Wetness

Your body temperature is displayed by the orb in the middle of the HUD, between health and hunger. The color shifts from blue, to gray, to orange, depending on the temperature, and an up/down arrow animation will appear whenever the temperature changes. At the far ends of the temperature scale, the icon will change to a snowflake/flame, letting you know that you are close to hypothermia/hyperthermia.

There are a variety of ways to control your body temperature so that you don't get hypothermia/hyperthermia. For getting warm, the easiest way is to make a campfire. It's good for early-game survival, and requires very little resources. For cooling off, swimming in water is a great, easy way to keep cool.

Other ways to control your body temperature include armor, where wool armor can warm you up, and jelled slime armor can cool you off, heating & cooling coils, which are ideal for houses, potions of cold/heat resistance, and various other blocks that will warm you up/cool you off.

Keep in mind, your body temperature does not change instantly. It takes a while for it to change, and various things control the rate at which it changes, including your health level, wetness, biome humidity, and more. To monitor the environment temperature (The temperature that your body temperature works to change to), you can craft a thermometer.