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The Bog biome is a flat, swampy land that is based on the real life Cranberry Bog. Bushes and maple scrub dominate the landscape, and reeds spawn in the water.

Description []

Like most other swamps bog can be separated into two parts: the submerged part and the land. The land is flat (like most other swamps). The biome is made of reddish-orange grass.

The water here can be more than five blocks deep. The pond floor consists primarily of mud, although there are some portions of dirt and clay. Only Watergrass grows in the water.


A variety of plants are generated here, such as Sweet Berry Bushes, regular Bushes and Toadstools, but almost no flowers spawn here, apart from Dandelions and Poppies. Wheat Grass and Shrubs spawn, along single blocks of Oak Leaves. Birch and Dark Oak trees spawn sporadically.

Mobs & NPCs[]

Slimes spawn above ground at night, alongside the standard hostile mobs. Sheep, Pigs, and other passive mobs will spawn here.


Survival in this biome is average. With little quantities of wood, and the ability to obtain seeds from grass makes this biome survivable. When building shelters in water, players are safe from mobs because they cannot spawn on water.

Trivia []

  • Bog, in real life, has mud that accumulates peat deposit of dead plant material, often mosses, and in most cases, Sphagnum moss (which is commonly known as "peat moss"). There are several types of peatlands, but this mod corresponds only to the trembling bogs. 
  • In previous versions of the mod, the bog has less land and are much more in flux and is less livable.
  • The old biome ID for Bogs are 176.
  • Bog was originally the name for Sludgepit when the mod was released.
  • The revamped Bog in 1.13.2 is based on the Cranberry Bog, as mentioned above.


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