The Boreal Forest is a slightly hilly forest made up of Spruce trees, Oak Trees and Yellow Autumn Trees.


The ground in this biome is covered with numerous grasses, and some short shrubs, similar to those found in vanilla jungles.


The most notable trees here the Yellow Autumn Trees which, when their leaves are broken, drop Persimmons. Alongside these grow some Spruce Trees, with Oak Tree scrub. A handful of flowers grow here, including Dandelions, Poppies, and Flax. Ferns, Shrubs, Dead Leaf Piles and Grass make up the leaf litter of this forest. Two block tall Rose Bushes also appear.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Pigs and other passive mobs spawn here. Villages do not spawn.

Survival Edit

Survival is pretty easy as it spawns common animals such as pigs, chickens and cows, huge quantities of wood are available but is not advisable to go in night since monsters commonly spawn in the shady parts of the forest.


Trivia Edit

  • On Earth, Boreal Forests can be found in cool wet climates between the tundras and temperate zones. They can be found all the way across the Northern Hemisphere.
  • If you are using the forestry mod this biome is plains, or meadow, orientation.
  • In real life, Taiga and Boreal Forests are actually the same biome; they just have different names. However Taigas/Boreal Forests are diverse depending where they are.


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