The Chaparral biome is a hilly landscape with pockets of exposed stone, small shrubs, and bushes.


This biome is mostly flat, with some rolling hills. It features large patches of rock "shields" interspersed with grassy scrub. While there are lots of leaf blocks, trees as small and provide very little wood. Rock patches here often contain exposed coal veins. It has a maximum block height of 80.


Shrubs and berry bushes are common.

Mobs & VillagersEdit

Most Vanilla passive mobs spawn naturally in this biome, including, notably, horses. Villages can spawn in this environment as well. The lack of many hiding places during the day makes aggressive mobs less threatening.


Survival in this biome can be harder than it initially looks. Players who settle here will find plenty of food thanks to the large amount of grass and Berry Bushes, but they discover that early wood is limited due to small trees' size. Players will need more time to get a lot of wood, and the small number of leaf blocks make saplings rarer. Consequently, a player should start farming trees as soon as possible to survive in this biome.


  • In real life, Chaparrals are found primarily in California (USA) and the Peninsula. They consist of a shrub land or heath land that has been shaped by a climate of mild, wet winters and hot dry summers with infrequent wildfires. It is a dry land, consisting of hardy drought-tolerant plants and shrubs. The chaparral closely parallels several other Mediterranean climate regions around the world, including the Mediterranean Basin, central Chile, South African Cape Region, and in Western and Southern Australia. Thus, the in-game Chaparral biome reflects relatively well real life chaparrals, though in real life the shrubs and trees often larger are than in-game.
  • In older versions of Biomes O' Plenty, the biome appeared drier than the current version. The ID was 32.
  • Chaparral comes from a Spanish word which means small or dwarf evergreen oak. It refers to the scrub oaks and means s which is a scrub-like oak.


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