The Cherry Blossom Grove is a forest made of white and pink Cherry Trees.


Trees are reasonably spaced to create glades in this biome, filled with flowers. The terrain is a mixture of plain Dirt and Silty Dirt.


Alongside the Cherry Trees, there are Pink Daffodils and Grass. and bamboo in 1.14.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Villages do not spawn in this biome. The normal range of passive mobs, such as Sheep, spawn here. Also pandas in 1.14.


Survival in this biome is quite easy with a reliable supply of trees and passive mobs. Each Cherry Tree gives a lot of wood due to the large size and branches. However, getting lost in this pink and white maze is very easy, and you will need to mark your exploration paths. There are oak trees that occasionally grow fruit so if you are running low on food you can harvest a few while waiting for a reliable source of food. Overall, this is a great biome for survival beginners.


Cherry Wood is a great building material for shelter and tools. It is brown when raw wood, but when crafted into planks, it turns pink in color. The many flowers around the biome can be crafted into dyes, which can be used to dye Sheep and obtain colored Wool.


Cherry Blossom trees cannot be lit on fire with a flint and steel in versions earlier than 1.8 due to a bug.

The old ID for this biome before 1.8 was 181.


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