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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.
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Biomes O' Plenty has one command named /biomesoplenty; this has been added since 1.8 and remained until 1.16.1.


/biomesoplenty, or /bop for short, is used for three things:

  1. Teleporting to biomes
  2. Finding the ID for biomes
  3. Removing all types of certain blocks from a given chunk radius

tpbiome instructions[]

tpbiome is used to teleport to biomes, to use it you type, for example:

/bop tpbiome 50

This will teleport you to a Cherry Blossom Grove biome

In place of 50, type a number between 40 and 102 to find a biomes o'plenty biome. Numbers 0-39 are all vanilla biomes.

If it says "Could Not Find Biome [biomename]!" as an error message in chat, that means that there is none of the biome you want within 10,000 blocks of you. If it says "Could Not Find Biome Undefined!", then that means the biome doesn't exist.

In 1.8, you used to be able to type the biome's name instead, but since 1.9 it is now the biome's ID.

In 1.13.2 and higher, this has changed to a full ID rather than a number ID, since number IDs and data values got removed due to 1.13's flattening, such as:

/bop tpbiome biomesoplenty:bayou

The /biomesoplenty command was removed in 1.16.1 due to vanilla adding the /locatebiome command, but thankfully, that command can work on BOP biomes as well.

Here's an example how to teleport to any BOP biome using /locatebiome:

/locatebiome biomesoplenty:silkglade

This will give the coordinates in the chat. Open the chat and click on the coordinates, and press Enter. This will teleport you to the Silkglades.

Note: NOT all BiomesOPlenty biomes are present in the command

biomename instructions[]

biomename is used to find the name of each biome ID.

/bop *biomename* 50

In this example, upon typing it, a message will come up in chat of the name of the biome using biome id 48 (Cherry Blossom Grove). The normal biomes appear first in alphabetical order, and then subbiomes appear, and at the end, oceanic biomes. 40 is Gravel Beach