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This page documents the various functions of the Biomes O' Plenty configuration files as of BOP version 2.1.0.X. The files are listed in alphabetic or zip files


All of the BOP configuration can be found within %appdata%\.minecraft\config\biomesoplenty\ on Windows. In all of the configuration files, true and false correspond to on and off, respectively. Since 1.8, most files on the config file have been removed because of the Customize world setting.

To change customization options on a server, add the follow string to generator-settings in


If you are using other vanilla generator settings, add them inside of the braces and separate each option with a comma.

world.json Edit

Alternatively, you can change the server configuration by creating a world.json file within the config/biomesoplenty folder. In this file, copy the following into it:

"landScheme": "vanilla",
"tempScheme": "medium_zones",
"rainScheme": "medium_zones",
"biomeSize": "small",
"amplitude": 1,
"generateBopOre": true,
"generateBopSoils": true,
"generateBopTrees": true,
"generateBopGrasses": true,
"generateBopFoliage": true,
"generateBopFlowers": true,
"generateBopPlants": true,
"generateBopWaterPlants": true,
"generateBopMushrooms": true,
"generateRockFormations": true,
"generatePoisonIvy": false,
"generateBerryBushes": true,
"generateThorns": true,
"generateQuicksand": true,
"generateLiquidPoison": true,
"generateHotSprings": true,
"generateNetherHives": true,
"generateEndFeatures": true,
"mainNoiseScaleX": 80,
"mainNoiseScaleY": 160,
"mainNoiseScaleZ": 80,
"coordinateScale": 684.412,
"heightScale": 684.412,
"upperLimitScale": 512,
"lowerLimitScale": 512

Changing the values in this file will change the customization option on the server. These settings are up to date as of 1.12.2.


Ele contém os IDs do bioma para cada bioma, mas eles estão em ordem aleatória. Defina um ID do bioma como -1 desativado na geração do aaaaaaaaaabioma a partir da versão ou posterior.

Portuguese to English translation: It contains the biome IDs for each biome, but they are in random order. Set a biome ID to -1 disabled when generating a biome from version or later.


This file only contains an option for using shears when collecting BOP flowers


This file contains options for changing the Biomes O'Plenty and Default settings under the world generation type, and options for the panorama on the minecraft menu and bucket texture settings.

Before 1.12Edit

All of the BOP configuration can be found within %appdata%\.minecraft\config\biomesoplenty\ on Windows. In all of the configuration files, true and false correspond to on and off, respectively.


This file controls which BOP biomes spawn. Changing the true to false for the biomes listed under "overworld biomes to generate" will remove that biome and any of its sub-biomes from the world generation. All sub-biomes are listed under "overworld (sub) biomes to generate" and can be individually disabled from there.

Vanilla biomes cannot be disabled, but under "vanilla biomes to override", the small changes that BOP does to specific vanilla biomes can be toggled either true (on) or false (off). Everything should be set to true by default in this file.


This file controls the weighting of all BOP biomes. You can make adjustments to how often specific BOP biomes spawn by increasing or decreasing the number at the end of each line corresponding to a specific biome. Vanilla biomes are not listed.


This file controls which numerical IDs are assigned to which biomes. The numerical biome IDs range from 0 to 255. If you have other mods installed that add biomes to Minecraft, it would be a good idea to check and ensure that the IDs specified in ids.cfg do not collide with other added biomes. Vanilla biomes are not listed in this file.


This file allows you to toggle debug mode, which isn't needed by most users. By default, it is set to false.


This file controls other elements that do not fit in the other configuration files. Custom sky colors and the added haze that some biomes have can be toggled in this file, along with some options that pertain to the main Minecraft menu.


The smes generated can be toggled on the line that contains I:"Biome Size". 4 is the default biome size; 6 is equivalent to the vanilla large biomes generation option. The input on this line can range from 1 to 8.

The generation of BOP ores can also be controlled using true or false. By default, all are set to true.


The structures folder can be found in the main BOP config folder, biomesoplenty. It should contain two config files. Note that this does not appear in 1.8.


This file specifies which biomes strongholds can spawn in. By default, all lines should be set to true.


This file specifies which biomes strongholds can spawn in. Avoid messing with this file, as some biomes will not look well with strongholds.

Resetting the configEdit

If you wish to reset a config file to its default state, simply delete it. Upon running the game, any missing config files will generate with their default settings. Alternatively, deleting the entire biomesoplenty folder from the config folder will regenerate all the configuration files with default settings when you next run Minecraft with BOP loaded.

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