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Coniferous Forests are biomes that feature tall fir trees, as well as toadstools, berry bushes, ferns and grass, and the occasional dandelions, cornflowers, poppies and oxeye daisies. Some passive mobs can spawn in the biome, such as sheep. This biome is easy to survive in, though the tall trees may provide darkness for hostile mobs to spawn. There are a total of 4 biomes in the biome family.


Fir Clearing[]

Fir Clearings are variants which instead feature smaller and way fewer trees.

Snowy Coniferous Forest[]

Snowy Coniferous Forests are variants that are covered in snow, and less grass and ferns spawn here. Violets spawn here as well.

Snowy Fir Clearing[]

Snowy Fir Clearings are variants similar to the Fir Clearing but with less grass, ferns, and violets do spawn here.


  • The old Biome ID before 1.8 was 182.
  • Coniferous forests are mainly found in the northern parts of the world like Russia, Sweden and Finland.
  • The regular Coniferous Forest is Forstride's favorite biome.


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