The Coniferous Forest is made up primarily of large spruce-like Fir Trees.


This biome is a heavily forest area, with extremely large trees. A snowy variant of this biome exists. This biome grows on Loamy Dirt, and spawns Gravel beaches along its coast.


Fir Trees are either 2x2 or 1x1 block in diameter and approximately 10-30 meters (32ft-98ft) high. These trees have a special wood type, Fir Wood. Lots of mushrooms grow throughout these forests, such as Toadstools and Blue Milk Caps, alongside plants like Bluebells, Oxeye Daisies, and Flax.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Chicken, Cows, Pigs, Sheep and Wolves all spawn in this Biome. Villages and Woodland Mansions can spawn here as well, meaning both Villagers and Illagers are possible.

Survival Edit

This is not a very easy biome to survive in as despite there being lot of wood, the tall fir trees cover the biome and allow lots of mobs to spawn. The size of the trees also make it hard to build a house.


Seeds Edit


  • -3875833115283785506


  • The old Biome ID before 1.8 was 182.


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