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The Dune Beach biome is a biome similar to that of a beach, but it is covered in Dune Grass and Sea Oats. Sandstone generates under the biome, like normal beaches. No trees generate here. It does not have a specific temperature that it generates in, however it will always spawn near oceans.


The Dunes biome is a dynamic desert-like biome. It has a great deal of sandy hills, mountains and plateaus covered sparsely with dune grass, bromeliads and many small acacia trees among the arid highlands. Dunes often appear in other vanilla type deserts. Survival here is not the easiest. With a great abundance of sandstone, it also lacks trees, which are important for crafting wooden tools which can contribute to mining. 


1.3.2 Dunes were added to the mod.
1.7.2 The Dunes biome was removed.
1.17.1 The Dunes biome was re-added, with Dune Grass and Sea Oats, being a sub-biome of Oceans.
1.18.2 Dunes was renamed to Dune Beach, and now generates as a beach biome instead.


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