Ender Amethyst is a biome-specific gemstone introduced with Biomes O'Plenty. It appears as an ore, an item, and decorative block.


Ender Amethyst Ore is only obtainable in The End.


A Diamond Pickaxe is required to mine Ender Amethyst Ore. A Silk Touch Pickaxe can be used to collect the block of ore rather than the Amethyst drop. The ore drops one gem with an unenchanted diamond pickaxe. With fortune, the ore can drop up to four gems, one extra per level of fortune. Ender Amethyst Ore cannot be smelted.


9 Amethyst can be crafted into a Block of Amethyst for storage or decoration. These stack to 64. It is a key ingredient in the Biome Finder.

Crafting Ingredient Edit

Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe Description
Block of Amethyst Ender Amethyst
Decorative block made of Ender Amethyst gems. It drops the prefix "Ender" in this form.
Biome Finder Ender Amethyst, Terrestrial Artifact
A crafting component used in the Biome Finder, Enderporter, and Wanderer Music Disc


Before 1.7.2, Amethyst was found in the Promised Land. However after the Promised Land was removed, it was useless, until 1.9.4 where it was re-added to The End along with Biome Essence Ore and Celestial Crystals. It is also was a piece required for several removed items or armor and tools.


  • In real life, amethyst is the name of purple quartz.
  • In real life, diamond is stronger than Amethyst. It is only a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, while diamonds are ten—the highest value of any mineral. However, some claim that lonsdaleite is even harder.
  • The old ID for Amethyst before 1.8 was 21266/2.