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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.

An Enderporter is a teleportation device that sends the player within several hundred blocks of spawn and has 9 uses.

It spawns the player at height 254.380, higher than any block in the game.

The player is spawned with 4 seconds of Night Vision, 4 seconds of Blindness, 9 seconds of Resistance and 9 seconds of Regeneration IV. These buffs keep the player from seeing where they will land, but keep them from dying upon impact as it only take 5 seconds to fall from 254 to 0, leaving the player with an additional 4 seconds of Resistance and Regeneration IV. 


Before Build 1.9.4-, Crafting an Enderporter required 4 Ghastly Souls, 4 Eye of Enders, and a single Amethyst. Now it requires 5 Amethyst and 4 Ender Eyes.

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