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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.

The Eucalyptus Forest is a biome featuring tall trees, based on areas of Australian forest.


The Eucalyptus Forest is a forest/jungle biome featuring tall, thin trees made from eucalyptus wood and leaves. Leaf blocks make up a lot of brush on the ground. The overall terrain is flat, with occasional hills. In versions prior to 1.8 this biome's ID is 56.


Large Eucalyptus Trees grow in this biome, featuring colourful wood. The ground is littered with oak shrubs. Melon and Pumpkin Blocks, Poppies, Dandelions, and Rafflesia will spawn. This biome will also spawn various water lilies.

Mobs & NPCs[]

Parrots spawn in this biome. Villagers cannot spawn in this biome, although they could in earlier versions. Jungle Temples may also spawn in this biome


The abundance of trees, tall grass, and the presence of a few scattered passive mobs provide for relatively easy survivability in this biome. Melons provide an immediate crop and food source. It should be noted that the height of Eucalyptus Trees can make them difficult to harvest.


It was added in 1.7.10, where trees used Jungle Wood because there was no Eucalyptus Wood added in 1.7.10, and had a white fog. In 1.8, Eucalyptus Wood was added and the white fog was removed. It is removed in 1.13.2 and upwards.


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