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Fields are pretty flatlands with teal-ish grass and lots of sunflowers, lilacs, rose bushes, azure bluets, tulips, lilies of the valley, poppies, and dandelions. Sprouts and grass also cover lots of the ground. It is usually flat, and sparsely forested with small spruce trees, but oak bushes generate often in clusters here. Most passive mobs, such as cows and pigs, spawn here, as well as rarely, foxes. Occasionally, you will find a bee nest on a tree. Villages can spawn in this biome and they tend to feature spruce wood. This is by far one of the best places to live, with flat land for building and plenty of wood and passive mobs, it should be extremely easy to survive here.

Forested Field[]

The forested field is a variant-biome, and as its name suggests, is a forested version of the biome. It contains slightly less oak bushes and flowers.


  • In historic versions a removed flower, the White Dandelion, spawned here.
  • This biome used to be called Meadow, and its variant, Meadow Forest, but it was renamed to Field in 1.18 due to the addition of the vanilla Meadow biome.


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