Full list of recipes (Version 0.5.8). This list doesn't include armor recipes, vanilla tools recipes and the Mystery Music Disc.

Scythes Edit


3 ores (Replace diamonds with whatever ore), 2 sticks (Or iron ingots for Amethyst scythe)

Crafting Recipe: Put one ore on the middle left, put two ore on the top right and the top middle, put two sticks below the ore at the top right.

This tool cuts wide area with grass or leaves blocks. It is useful for clearing tree crowns, rapid farm harvesting, fast search for seeds from grass and more. Scythes will convert tall grass to medium grass to short grass to no plant successively and each change has a chance to yield seeds.

Ancient Staff Topper Edit

Ancient Staff Topper

1 Nether Star, 1 Ruby, 1 Topaz, 4 End Stone

The topper is a necessary ingredient of the Ancient Staff.

Ancient Staff Pole Edit

Ancient Staff Pole

1 Peridot, 1 Apatite (Malachite v1.2.0+), 7 End Stone

The pole is a necessary ingredient of the Ancient Staff. (This receipt does not work 1.11.2!)

Ancient Staff Handle Edit

Ancient Staff Handle

1 Sapphire, 1 Tanzanite, 5 End Stone

The handle is a necessary ingredient of the Ancient Staff.

Altar Frame Edit


5 Large Bone Segments, 4 Obsidian

The altar frame is a building block for a structure which is used to summon the Ender Dragon.

Celestial Lens Edit


5 Celestial Crystals, 4 Celestial Crystal Shards and two mud bulls

Ghastly Soul Edit


4 Soulsand, 2 Blaze Powder, 2 Ghast Tears, 1 Wither Skull This is a required ingredient for crafting a Ghastly Soul.

Soul Manipulator Edit


1 Glass, 1 Ghast Tear, 1 Blaze Rod

This item can be used to capture a villager's soul in order to summon the ender dragon. Once the villager soul is captured, it is then used on a charged celestial lens at the center of an altar. The villager is sacrificed and the dragon is summoned.

Ghastly Soul Manipulator Edit


2 Soulsand, 2 Ghastly Souls, 2 Ghast Tears, 2 Blaze Powder, 1 Soul Manipulator

This item is used in conjunction with the Altar Frame and the various collectable gems in order to summon the ender dragon. This should not be attempted in the overworld, as the ender dragon destroys all blocks save endstone and obsidian upon contact.

The ghastly soul manipulator is used on the fully constructed altar in order to charge it. After it is charged, a villager must be lured (villager soul manipulator may also be used) onto the altar in order to trap it inside for sacrifice. A second ghastly soul manipulator is used to initiate the summon once the villager soul is trapped.

Sacrificial Focus Edit


One Ghastly Soul, 4 Blaze Powders, 4 Celestial Lenses

Place this block in the center of the Altar, it serves as the focus for summoning the ender dragon. It is first charged with a ghastly soul manipulator, then activated by luring a villager on it or using a villager soul manipulator on it.

Enderporter Edit


4 Eyes of Ender, 4 Obsidian, 1 Amethyst Block

The Enderporter teleports you to the original spawn point and gives you buffs.

Fruit Salad Edit


1 Pear, 1 Peach, 1 Berry, 1 Bowl

Shroom Salad Edit


1 Toadstool, 1 Blue Milk Cap, 1 Portobello, 1 Bowl

Dart Blower Edit


6 River Cane.

Crafting Recipe: Three cane on the left, three cane on the right.

The Dart Blower is a ranged weapon which uses darts for firing. It has shorter range than a bow, but fires darts much more rapidly than bow fires arrows.

Dart Edit


1 thorn, 1 River Cane, 1 Feather

Crafting Recipe: Thorn on top, cane in the middle, feather on the bottom.

Darts are the projectile used with Dart Blower.

Poison Dart Edit


1 Poison, 1 Dart.

Exotic Flower Band Edit


2 Clover, 2 Orange Cosmos, 2 Violets, 2 Pink Daffodils.We have planned on making it so you can use any flower, but clover doesn't change. This applies for all Flower Bands, except the Dull Flower Band.

Wheat Edit


3 Barley

Crafting 3 barley will yield a standard vanilla wheat.

Mossy Cobblestone Edit


8 Moss, 1 Cobblestone

Mossy cobblestone can be crafted by surrounding a cobblestone block with 8 moss in a crafting table.

Mossy Stone Brick Edit


8 Moss, 1 Stone Brick

Mossy stone brick can be crafted by surrounding a stone brick block with 8 moss in a crafting table.

Mud Edit


4 Mud Balls

Mud blocks are a decorative block that can be crafted using mud balls.

Mud Bricks (Block) Edit


4 Mud Bricks Like vanilla bricks, 4 mud bricks can be crafted into a Mud Brick Block used for decorative building.

Red Rock Bricks Edit


4 Red Rocks Red Rock Bricks are a decorative building block.

Skystone Bricks Edit


4 Skystone

Skystone blocks are a decorative building block.

Ash Edit


4 Piles of Ashes Ash can be crafted into a decorative Ash Block.

Celestial Crystal Edit


4 Celestial Crystal Shards Crystal Shards can be crafted into a Celestial Crystal block that looks like Glowstone and is used for decorative purposes.

Sunflower Seeds Edit


1 Sunflower Sunflowers can be crafted into seeds for further planting needs.

Shroom Powder Edit


1 Toadstool

Poison Edit


1 Poison Ivy

Poison is used for crafting poison darts.

White Dye Edit


1 Anemone

Light Gray Dye Edit


1 Dandelion

Gray Dye Edit


1 Pile of Ashes

Black Dye Edit


1 Deathbloom

Orange Dye Edit


1 Daisy

Lime Dye Edit


1 Glowshroom

Green Dye Edit


1 Moss

Cyan Dye Edit


1 Swampflower

Light Blue Dye Edit


1 Hydrangea

Blue Dye Edit


1 Blue Milk Cap

Purple Dye Edit


1 Violet

Magenta Dye Edit


1 Wildflower

Pink Dye Edit


1 Tulip

Brown Dye Edit


1 Cattail

Wool Edit


9 Cattails Cattails can be crafted into wool.

Coal Edit


9 Piles of Ashes

Mud Brick Edit


1 Mud Ball Mud Balls can be smelted into Mud Bricks for further crafting possibilities.

Red Rock Edit


1 Red Rock Cobblestone Red Rock cobblestone can be smelted into Red Rock in the same fashion that cobblestone can be smelted into Smooth Stone.

Dried Dirt Edit


1 Dirt

Dirt can be smelted into Dry Dirt.

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