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The Highland is a high-altitude grassland with rolling hills and very steep slopes at the edges. Vegetation includes grass and tall grass, and several animals, including cows and sheep, can spawn here. It is not a very good biome for survival, due to its lack of trees. There are a total of 2 variants in the biome family.


Highland Moor[]

Highland Moors are biomes similar to Highlands, but covered in violets and alliums. Occasional patches of oak leaves also generate. There is no other noticeable differences to the regular Highland.


The Crag is a biome with a combination of cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, stone, andesite and grass blocks as the surface. Grass covers almost every grass block that spawns, but no flowers spawn here. Goats will spawn in this biome. In older versions of BOP, the Crag was its own biome, consisting of massive and chaotic peaks that would reach almost to the build limit, with Overgrown Stone at the top.


  • The old ID before 1.8 for this biome was 66.
  • They resemble the Scottish Highlands, which is also a council area.


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