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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.
Beehive 1.11

The outside of a hive (1.11.2)

Hives are structures found in the Nether (from versions 1.11.x). The outside of the hive is made of Hive Block. Inside the hive are Honeycomb Block, Empty Honeycomb Block, Filled Honeycomb Block, Honey Block and Liquid Honey. Breaking an Empty Honeycomb Block gives you Empty Honeycomb. Breaking a Filled Honeycomb Block gives you Filled Honeycomb, which can be eaten. Nether Wasp can be found in and around the hive.

Right clicking on Liquid Honey with an Empty Jar creates a Honey Jar.



The inside of a hive without Liquid Honey.

There are two types of Hives, one type with a hollow inside, often with spawners within the thick walls and the other type, which is hollow on the top, but there is a level halfway through made of Honey Blocks, and below that is a pool of Liquid Honey. Each Hive generated has a 2 in 3 chance of spawning the type with Liquid Honey and Honey Blocks inside.



The outside of a hive (1.7.10)

  • It appears to be a bee hive, but wasps spawn here. They spawn from Wasp Spawners that can be found within the Hive walls and floor. 
  • For a short time in a very early release of BOP, hives only spawned in a certain biome, named Hellish Hive, that was removed only 5 builds later.