Biomes O' Plenty Wiki
Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.
Notes: Removed in Minecraft 1.13.2


Hot Spring Water was a fluid added by the Biomes O' Plenty mod. It was usually found in the Hot Springs, Sacred Springs, Alps, Mystic Grove, Tropics, Oasis, and Wondrous Woods biomes.

It had a bright aquamarine color and gave the player a Regeneration effect. The fluid was removed in 1.13.2 and hasn't made a comeback.


Spring Water could only be picked up by a player using an Amethyst Bucket. It could also be obtained using pumps from other mods.

It is not possible to multiply Hot Spring Water sources like you can with Water.


  1. The Hot Springs were removed in 1.7 and re-added in 1.20.2, however with minor changes.
  2. The Alps were removed in 1.18.
  3. The Amethyst Bucket item was removed in 1.18.
  4. The Wondrous Woods were removed in 1.7.
  5. The Sacred Springs were removed in 1.13.2.