Hot spring water is a fluid found in pools under the snow on top of the peaks of the Alps. Hot spring water pools spawns occasionally in the Mystic Grove and Sacred Springs where they appear at the surface with a few different types of Lily Pad. It spawns in large quantities into the Polar Chasm.

It has a bright aquamarine color and gives the player a Regeneration effect. Spring Water can be scooped up in a bucket and works with pumps from some other mods. It is not possible to make an infinite water source with Spring Water.


It was first featured in the Hot Springs biome and could only be picked up by an Amethyst Bucket which was removed along with the Promised Land. Spring Water was then removed until 1.8 where it returned, being able to be picked up by normal buckets since Amethyst Buckets weren't readded.


  • When diving in it, your view appears much less foggy compared to Water
  • Like regular water and lava, hot spring water and regular water will produce Stone when they run into each other