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The Huge Clover Petal is a block that appears as one of four petals arranged to cover a 2 x 2 area yielding a large four-leaf clover. This is similar to the new Clover plant. This plant naturally generates in the Clover Patch biome. The Huge Clover Petal naturally generates as its full set of 4 petals. Breaking a Huge Clover Petal drops nothing while using shears on a Huge Clover Petal causes it to drop itself (a single petal). Replanting always yields the leaf pointing southwest. This plant does not appear to be renewable but can be generated from the new non-renewable but plentiful Clover.

The Huge Clover Petal does not allow motion and it can be stood upon just like any other block. While not allowing motion the petal occupies only the top layer of pixels in the block and as such provides a kind of window.