Biomes O' Plenty Wiki


GEMS: Ruby, Topaz, Peridot, Apatite, Sapphire, Tanzanite
WEAPONS: Muddy, Amethyst, Dart Blower
ARMOR: Muddy, Amethyst
FOODS: Berry, Fruit Salad, Shroom Salad, Turnip, Veggie Salad, Wild Carrots
FLOWER BANDS: Dull Flower Band, Plain Flower Band, Lush Flower Band, Exotic Flower Band
DYES: Regular Minecraft palette, but made with Biomes O' Plenty items
MISC ITEMS: Ancient Staff, Depleted Ancient Staff, Ancient Staff Handle, Ancient Staff Pole, Ancient Staff Topper, Amethyst, Mud Ball, Dart, Poison Dart, Spring Water Bucket, Liquid Poison Bucket, Enderporter, Celestial Crystal Shard, Poison, Pile of Ashes, Small Bone Segment, Medium Bone Segment, Large Bone Segment, Shroom Powder, Sunflower Seed, Mud Brick, Earth (Item, which can be seen with Too Many Items. I saw it in 1.12.2 version.)