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Jade Cliffs are a mountainous biome that are very densely covered with pine trees and spruce shrubs. The sky has a greenish-gray color instead of the regular color. Survival can vary from easy too hard, depending on your location. Be aware that monsters spawn more frequently in this biome's abundant dark spaces, such as beneath the overhangs of the cliffs. The abundance of wood above ground and coal below provide easy access to fuel, and grass can be harvested for wheat seeds. Cows will also spawn in this biome, providing an additional food source.

A sub-biome, Jade Grassland existed, but was removed in 1.18 due to the terrain generation overhaul.


The biome was removed in version 1.8.9. It would later get re-added back into the mod in 1.16.3 and use spruce trees and bushes instead of pine trees. They do however, retain the sky it had in older versions and a fog color was added. Jade Cliffs uses pine trees instead of spruce trees once again since 1.20.3. This means that this is the biome that spent the longest time not present in the mod, but then re-added.


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