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Liquid honey is found in 2 out of 3 hives generated in the Nether. It gives slowness 3 when walked in, despite flowing quite fast. It is a unique type of liquid with a special algorithm which unlike water and lava, makes it distribute evenly and there is always the same, or almost the same amount as if it were finite. (If a hole is made at the bottom of a honey-filled hive, then honey will pour out and slowly inside the hive, the level will drop).

Uses of Honey[]

Despite having no recipes, honey is a very important material. If one were to get stuck in the nether possibly due to a multitude of reasons, (Nether portal destroyed by ghast, etc) one can still escape the nether. Honey is important to escape as it can be used to create obsidian, simply pour it upon lava. Mods such as Natura, Tinker's Construct, or Nether Ores, also come in handy to mine the obsidian. It is also possible to use Honey for things such as traps.


  • You can drown in it.


In some versions, you cannot collect honey from honey jars or buckets.

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