Biomes O' Plenty Wiki

This page is a list of all biomes in Biomes O' plenty by rarity.

Note: This list is not 100% correct and is only based on how long it took me to find each biome on average.

Overworld Biomes[]

Rainbow Hills | 1st rarest

Origin Valley | 2nd rarest

Tropics | 3rd rarest

Volcano | 4th rarest

Mystic Grove | 5th rarest

Ominous Woods | 6th rarest

Volcanic Plains | 7th rarest

Bamboo Grove | 8th rarest

Fungal Jungle | 9th rarest

Jade Cliffs | 10th rarest

Cherry Blossom Grove | 11th rarest

Old Growth Dead Forest | 12th rarest

Orchard | 13th rarest

Muskeg | 14th rarest

Rocky Shrubland | 15th rarest

Wooded Wasteland | 16th rarest

Highland Moor | 17th rarest

Rocky Rainforest | 18th rarest

Lavender Forest | 19th rarest

Wasteland | 20th rarest

Forested Field | 21st rarest

Rainforest | 22nd rarest

Snowy Fir Clearing | 23rd rarest

Dead Forest | 24th rarest

Lavender Field | 25th rarest

Cave Biomes[]

Nether Biomes[]