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Here is a list of mods that have support for Biomes O' Plenty in some way:
Atmosmobs: http://www.minecraft.../topic/1126195- Requires Mob Spawn Controls for mobs to spawn in new biomes

Witches and More: http://www.minecraft.../topic/1366410-

Here is a list of texture packs that have support for Biomes O' Plenty:


Lithos:Core 32x (supports BoP from 1.6x to 1.9x)

Smoothic: http://www.planetmin..._pack/smoothic/

Tronic Faithful: http://www.minecraft...ronic-faithful/

128 x 256 Faerielight:

[64x] reilem's Texturepacks for Mods: http://www.minecraftforum...reilems-texture biomes-o-plenty

Dandelion: [1]

4) go to your Minecraft Folder

and switch to: ".minecraft\mods\Biomes-O-Plenty-0.5.3\mods\BiomesOPlenty\textures" folder.

5) open the downloaded .zip with Winrar or something similar

drag and drop all folders and files in .zip to the textures folder.

6) integrate all folders and replace all files.