Mystic Groves are biomes scattered across the world. The ground is composed of Silty Grass.


One of the rarest biomes, the Mystic Grove is peppered by pools of Hot Springs and Poisonous Liquid and features some unique flowers and mobs. The grass is dark teal, has a blue-ish/pink sky and the water appears a vibrant purple.


This biome is the only place to find Magic Trees with their blue foliage and wood. It also features Flowering Oak Trees and JacarandasGlowflowersBlue HydrangeaPink DaffodilClover and Shrubs all in this biome. So do various types of Lily Pads. Giant Red Mushrooms also appear but they are rare. Vines and Moss also occur.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Pixies and Snails spawn within this biome. At night this biome spawns many Witches, making it particularly dangerous.


The Mystic Grove is one of the worst starting biomes but is okay for more advanced players. Witches constantly spawn in this biome. If you survive all that, there are a few advantages: killing witches drops Glowstone and Redstone Dust. Trees contain your only readily accessible food supply: Apples. Don't get caught out at night, and you'll be fine.


In very early versions of BOP, Magic Trees were more like pine trees and they had different textures. Before BOP 1.8, Mystic Grove biomes had Poisonous Liquid pools and some Willow Trees.

In 1.6.4, there is a sub-biome called Thinned Mystic Grove. It contains fewer trees but was removed in 1.7.2.




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