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Mystic Groves are rare biomes filled with magic and jacaranda trees, flowers, and giant red mushrooms, with a mystic twilight pink color to the air. Alliums, lilacs, blue hydrangeas, pink daffodils and glowflowers spawn frequently here, giving the biome a colorful atmosphere. The water in this biome is also pink. Survival is easy here due to the abundance of wood and grass for wheat seeds. Only witches spawn in this biome, though not commonly due to the glowflowers. Moreover, no passive mobs spawn here, although this isn't much of a let down because there is probably a biome nearby that has some animals in it.


In very early versions of BOP, Magic Trees were more like pine trees and they had different textures. Before BOP 1.13.2, Mystic Grove biomes had Poisonous Liquid pools and Hot Spring Water pools.

In 1.6.4, there is a sub-biome called Thinned Mystic Grove. It contains fewer trees but was removed in 1.7.2.



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