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The Ominous Woods biome is a dark, heavily wooded biome with scattered pools of dark purple water. Umbran Trees grow here, along with a variety of other vegetation. This biome is rare, having a similar chance to the Mystic Grove biome. Grass is found on the ground, mixed with mushrooms and Dead Leaves. Illusioners, normally unused vanilla mobs will spawn in this biome and can cause threats because of his ability to go invisible and make clones, as well as the ability to blind a player. The bramble thorns found here can harm the player, and the Wither Roses apply the wither effect when a player walks through it. This is one of the most difficult biomes to survive in for beginners. There is very little to eat, and both the bramble thorns and wither roses will sap hunger and health if the player is careless.

There was a sub-biome, Ominous Mire, a low-lying version with less umbran trees, however it was removed in 1.18. It also had watergrass.


Prior to the 1.8 version of BoP, Dark Wood was used instead of Umbran Wood, which has a slightly different texture. Cave Spiders, hostile wolves, and Endermen were the only mobs that spawn in this biome. Thick Ominous Woods was a sub-biome to this biome. It contained Thick Dark Trees which were much taller, that is more common there than in the normal Ominous Woods.



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