The Ominous Woods biome is a dark, heavily wooded biome with scattered pools of water and Poisonous Liquid. Umbran Trees grow here, along with a variety of other vegetation. The ground is mostly composed of Loamy Grass and Loamy Dirt. The fog significantly decreases visibility.


Grass is found on the ground, mixed with mushrooms and Dead Leaves. The Thorns found here can harm the player, and the Deathbloom applies the Wither effect when a player walks through it. Both the Thorns and Deathbloom sap hunger, as well. Umbran Trees grow here in two forms: a spruce-like form and a swampland-like form with Umbran Tree Moss growing on it. Dead trees and willows can also be found here.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Villages do not spawn here, nor do common passive mobs, but Swamp Huts can be found. Cave spiders and Evokers spawn naturally (So keep some milk with you!).


This is one of the most difficult biomes to survive in for beginners, but if you're okay with everything trying to kill you, it's quite a nice place to live. There is very little to eat, and both the Thorns and Deathblooms will sap hunger and health if the player is careless. Do note that the farther you go into these woods, the more fog there is and the harder it is to see.


Prior to the 1.8 version of BoP, Dark Wood was used instead of Umbran Wood, which has a slightly different texture. Cave Spiders, hostile wolves, and Endermen were the only mobs that spawn in this biome. Thick Ominous Woods was sub-biome to this biome. It contained Thick Dark Trees which were much taller, that is more common there than in the normal Ominous Woods. In more recent updates for BOP before 1.8, a thick fog was added.




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