The Orchard can be recognised by its Flowering Oak Trees and bright green colours.


It is a relatively flat, forested biome. The grass is slightly yellower and brighter than normal grass. Tree leaves are unique on their own by their bright yellowish-green color and the trees have few flowers. Pools form, sometimes featuring Reeds.


As listed above, the biome features Flowering Oaks, alongside Portobello and White Anenomes, Flax, Oxeye Daisies, Dandelions, and large areas of Wheat Grass. It also features very occasional Berry Bushes.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Chickens spawn in this biome. Can not spawn villages.


There is not a lot to eat here immediately, until a farm is set up. However, the large areas of wheatgrass and the ponds allow for quick farm-building. There Berry Bushes here are not as abundant as some other forests, and therefore they do not provide such a steady source of food.


  • The BoP Orchard is different from real-life orchards: ones in real-life are usually human-made for commercial purposes. There are a few instances of apple orchards growing naturally, however.
  • The new design of the biome is a combination of the removed Dense Forest, the old Orchard, and possibly the Overgrown Greens.

History Edit

Before Minecraft 1.8, Apple Trees dominated the biome, in which the leaves had chances of dropping an apple, (please see Apple Tree for more details of the tree and the leaves). Before it was a sub-biome of the Plains, now it is redesigned and independent. However they were removed because they made it too easy to gain apples. The only trees were small oak trees and they were much more spread out. Orchards were also sub-biomes of the vanilla Plains biome but where made separate in 1.8. In 1.10 the trees were modified to be more spread out, and small shallow lakes appear across the biome sometimes too.

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