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Origin Valleys are very rare island biomes that are reminiscent of alpha Minecraft before actual biomes were added. The original roses that were removed in Minecraft 1.7 can be found in this biome, alongside dandelions. The water, sky, grass and foliage colors are the same as in alpha, and the ground is instead made out of origin grass blocks. Origin trees spawn in this biome, but they still give regular oak wood, it's just the leaves that are different. Survival is easy here, due to the passive mobs that spawn, and availability of wood. Though, survival here on your first night will not occur often due to the rarity of this biome.

There are a total of two biomes in the family.


Wintry Origin Valley[]

Wintry Origin Valley is a snowy variant of the Origin Valley, resembling the removed "Winter mode" from alpha Minecraft 1.1.2. It only generates in a snowy climate, mostly near Frozen Oceans.


If you are using OptiFine, it is not recommended to enable fancy grass while in this biome, as it will give the sides of the grass an ugly grey texture, as it does not detect the origin grass texture.



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