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The Outback is a hilly desert-like biome filled with patches of Sandy Grass and Red Sand. Desert Temples may spawn in this biome.


The landscape is a patchwork of Red Sand and yellow-green Sandy Grass blocks, with Grass growing in abundance. Pools of water and lava spawn sporadically. The Outback Biome is supposed to resemble areas of Central Australia commonly referred to as the Outback.


Grass can be found on the ground, with a scatter of tiny Acacia Trees. There are lots of Tiny Cactus which can be obscured by surrounding vegetation.

Mobs & NPCs[]

Few mobs spawn here, however villages will spawn. One of the more common mobs will be animals like Kangaroos.


Survival is a challenge, because the Acacia trees are only two blocks tall, and animals are scarce. However, there is enough wood to make a sizeable house, and wheat can be grown using grass seeds. Small Cacti provide a minor hazard while exploring.


Most of the surface was covered by Hardened Sand in version 1.8, and elevation can vary by about a dozen blocks. As of 1.9, the hardened sand was removed. Grass blocks and red sand is the surface of this biome (1.9+).

The biome was removed in 1.16.4.


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