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Persimmon Tree

Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.

These trees produce persimmon fruit. Just like apple trees, there are three leaf stages: flowering, unripe green fruit, and ripe orange fruit. Only the final stage will yield fruit. You can pick the fruit by right-clicking it. Persimmon trees are composed of oak wood. They were removed with Apple Trees in 1.8 because of the ease of getting fruit from fruit trees.

Persimmon Trees can be found in the (now removed) Autumn Hills biome and the Dead Forest biome. Dying Trees will also drop Persimmons.

Raw wood: Oak wood

Planks: Oak Planks

Crafting: slabs, stairs

Persimmon Fruit[]

Persimmon fruit are a food, similar to apples, that fall from a variety of trees. They refill 5 hunger, or 2 1/2 shanks. Persimmon Trees and Yellow Autumn Birches are two of the trees that can drop Persimmons.


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