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Two Pixies flying around in the Mystic Grove biome.

Pixies are flying mobs exclusive to the Mystic Grove biome. They are passive, and will fly around and shine brightly. They drop Pixie Dust upon death. Pixie Dust can be used to make a potion called Ambrosia. Pixies can be captured in an Empty Jar, and then it will become a Pixie Jar. Pixies spawn at night. They also have their own exclusive particle effect, which promptly helps the small critters be seen better. This mob has since been moved from Biomes O' Plenty to the mod Familiar Fauna,a mod created by the same development team.

They once were scattered all over the Promised Land before it was removed.

Spawn Biomes[]


  • Flower Forest

Biomes O' Plenty:[]

  • Mystic Grove



  • Pixies resemble the fairies in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Pixies, due to their particle trail effect, were the cause of the Promised Land being so laggy.