The Quagmire is a marshy, muddy biome with few resources.


The ground is composed of a mix of Mud, Loamy Dirt, and Loamy Grass. Large, marshy brown ponds are frequent, with Reeds and lily pads. No trees grow here.


Koru and water lilies spawn here, and Grass and Reeds are very common. Trees do not spawn here naturally.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Passive mobs do not spawn here. Witch Huts may spawn.


Survival here is difficult, as there are no trees and food is scarce. The mud can be crafted into mud bricks, which can be used to build shelter, but other than that there aren't many useful resources here.


It used to be possible to craft mud tools and armor from Mud Balls. These were not very practical, though, as they had very low durability and strength.
Before 1.8 trees made from Dead Wood naturally generated throughout the quagmire. It had grey-brown dusty skies and no animals spawned there.

In 1.7.2 and 1.7.10, Quagmire used to be sub-biome of the Sludgepit.


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