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Rainforests are lush biomes with lots of ferns and mahogany trees. Occasional puddles, dripleaves, orange cosmos, and small jungle trees spawn here. Cocoa beans can spawn on the jungle trees, as well as vines. Melons can also be found on the surface frequently. Parrots spawn here, but no other passive mobs do. Jungle pyramids can spawn in this biome, similar to the vanilla jungle. The terrain can sometimes be somewhat hilly in this biome. Survival is not adequate here, due to parrots being the only mobs that spawn, and the dense canopy sometimes providing darkness for mobs to spawn.

There are a total of two biomes in the biome family.


Rocky Rainforest[]

Rocky Rainforests, previously called Rainforest Cliffs, and before called Overgrown Cliffs, are variants of the Rainforest with less trees, lots of bushes, and parts of the ground made of terracotta. Sprouts also cover the landscape.


This biome, when it was added, it was called Tropical Rainforest, it had a tropical green sky and the trees used Jungle Wood, because there wasn't any Mahogany Wood back then. In 1.6.4, A red-orange fog was also added. In 1.7.10, Mahogany Wood replaced the Jungle Wood on the trees. In 1.8.9, the sky color and the fog color were removed. In 1.16.4, the Tropical Rainforest was renamed to Rainforest, removing the original Rainforest biome.


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