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Reeds are usually found in the Fen, Bog and Quagmire biomes. They are decorative. For the plant named Reed up until version 1.1.0, see River Cane.

In order to grow reeds, one must place them in a 1-block high body of water.

[1.7] Pick up Reeds with Shears (not by Hand). Place Reed on block above water or on surface of water block. If you are in water one block deep then placing a Reed will place it on the block you are standing in.

I was able to place reeds in a very specific way: dirt in water, 4 blocks in the air.

I placed them kind of by accident

[1.12.2] You might be able to place them! But it's oddly specific. There's a weird bug. I was able to place them if I was flying at 4 blocks above the water in creative mode, but I could not place them if I was on the ground/in the water. I also added a screenshot I took for proof. I promise this worked, I was very surprised when one actually placed.

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