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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.
Notes: Removed in Minecraft 1.13.2

The Sacred Springs is a lush tropical biome. It is featured with huge Sacred Oak Trees and large quantities of hot spring pools.


Sacred Oak Trees naturally spawn here. There are dark green grass and intermittent springs spouting from hills. Lots of hot spring pools can be found in the biome. Since the huge Oak Trees block the sunlight, hostile mobs may spawn in the day.

Hot Spring Water spawns throughout the terrain, as well as Jungle Temples.


Both Flowering and Sacred Oak Trees make up the canopy. Various water lilies are distributed throughout the springs, and Rafflesia grows on the ground.

Mobs & NPCs[]

Regular passive mobs like pigs and sheep can spawn in the Sacred Springs biome, but mob spawning tends to be somewhat limited because of the mass amounts of leaves, which mobs can't spawn on.


It is not very hard to survive here because of the large quantities of trees and animals. Adventurers are warned, however, trees may catch fire with lava pools nearby. Watch out for hostile mobs in the darkness, especially Creepers under the Oak Trees.


When the biome was added, It had no Sacred Oak trees. It was a mountainous biome with generation similar to that of the Overgrown Cliffs biome, but with grass instead of overgrown stone, and pools of water instead of the patches of forest/jungle. It also had a deep blue sky color. In 1.6.4, Sacred Oak trees were added in Sacred Springs, but used Oak Wood because there was no Sacred Oak Wood in 1.6.4. In 1.7.10, the sky color is no longer present, and Sacred Oak Wood replaced Oak Wood on the Sacred Oak trees. In 1.8, the Sacred Springs biome has lost its mountainous terrain, in favor of a flat, darker biome. This can be changed in the biome's config file, simply by changing "VariationAbove" to a higher number. Since BOP 3.0.0, Large Flowering Oak Trees spawn all over the biome. It is removed entirely in 1.13.2 and upwards.


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