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Seasonal Forests are perpetually autumnal biomes, composed of a mixture of yellow autumn, orange autumn, and maple trees, with brownish grass. Lots of grass covers the landscape, and toadstools also occasionally spawn here, covering the hilly landscape. Reeds spawn in the inundated portions of the biome. Regular passive mobs such as sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs spawn here. Due to the abundance of food and wood for building, this is a very good biome to live in, and even more so for people who like autumn foliage. There are a total of two biomes in the biome family.


Pumpkin Patch[]

The Pumpkin Patch, formally referred to as the Seasonal Pumpkin Patch, is a variant of the Seasonal Forest featuring more yellowish grass, and lots of pumpkins, sprouts, and toadstools. The ground is littered with oak shrubs and bushes. Occasional giant pumpkins also spawn around the place, and only orange autumn trees spawn here. Oddly enough, sometimes carved pumpkins and even jack-o-lanterns spawn here.


In 1.7.10, there is a Seasonal Forest Clearing sub-biome that features less trees. It was removed in 1.8.

In 1.6.4, there is a sub-biome called Seasonal Spruce Forest that spawns additional spruce trees. It was removed in 1.7.2.



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