Seasonal Forest is a perpetually autumnal biome, composed of a mixture of red and yellow foliages.


This biome builds itself upon vanilla Dirt blocks, and often has rolling hills that are heavily forested.


Plain Oak, Maple, Orange Autumn and Yellow Autumn Trees make up the canopy of this biome. Standard Dandelions and Poppies grow here, alongside Toadstools and Flax. Poison Ivy may spawn. Oaks may spawn with Dead Leaves.

Mobs & NPCsEdit

Villages and common passive mobs may spawn in this biome.


With a wide variety of wood,as well as plenty of animals this biome is a good place to survive. Although a lack of space would make it tricky to build a house.



  • -3865927453238412, spawns in Lush Swamp with Seasonal Forest on the South
  • 1. 1.12.1


In 1.7.10, there is a Seasonal Forest Clearing sub-biome that features less trees. It was removed in 1.8.

In 1.6.4, there is a sub-biome called Seasonal Spruce Forest that spawns additional spruce trees. It was removed in 1.7.2.


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