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The seasonal orchard is a forest made up of yellow autumn trees.


Seasonal Orchard is a Taiga biome with scattered vegetation. The ground has Grass, Ferns, and Toadstools. Yellow Autumn Trees grow in the Seasonal Orchard.

Mobs & NPCs[]

Passive animal mobs and Wolves spawn here. Villages do not spawn.


  • The gem found in this biome was Amber.
  • Previous versions of this biome had denser and more varied trees, and included Roses and Flax.
  • This biome used to feature on the removed panorama loading screen that appears when BOP is installed.


  • On Earth, boreal forests can be found in cool wet climates between the tundras and temperate zones. They can be found all the way across the northern hemisphere.
  • If you are using the forestry mod this biome is plains, or meadow, orientation.
  • In real life, taiga and boreal forests are actually the same biome; they just have different names. However, taigas/boreal forests are diverse depending where they are.


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