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This page serves as an unofficial seed repository for Biomes O' Plenty. It has been made in the hopes of centralizing the scattered posting of seeds.


Other mods besides Biomes O' Plenty may alter world generation, thereby producing unexpected results when generating worlds with the seeds listed here. Because of this and other mitigating factors, persons who post seeds are not held to any standard of accuracy whatsoever, although submitters are encouraged to be as accurate and concise as possible when adding seed entries. Submitters are encouraged to try not to run mods that may add/remove/modify biomes or otherwise alter the generation of terrain to a great degree (except Biomes O' Plenty, of course) when searching for seeds to add to the repository. Numerical seed entries are preferred, but seeds that contain letters or a mix of numbers and letters are accepted too.

As was said earlier, try to be as accurate and precise as possible with descriptions, although massive paragraphs describing seeds are often unnecessary and annoying, so try to keep the description of seeds short, preferably around 35-50 words per entry. Seeds or descriptions that contain offensive or inappropriate language will be removed. With all that being said, every contribution counts, so edit and add away!


New seed entries should be listed under their corresponding version of Minecraft and BOP. If the version of Minecraft or BOP you are using is not listed, feel free to create a new header for it. To check what version of BOP you are using, go to the Minecraft main menu, click on the Mods button, and locate Biomes O' Plenty in the left sidebar (you may need to scroll to find it). The version number should be listed below the text Biomes O' Plenty in that sidebar.
Copy and use the following code for new entries:

*SEED — DESCRIPTION. <small>Added by ~~~~</small>

Please do not mess up the format of the page. and using the exact BOP build number is strongly recommended, which can be found in the mods settings.

You can now get to BOP biomes easily in any world using the /bop command, and /locatebiome in 1.16.1+

Minecraft versions:

Minecraft 1.20.1[]

  • 8900727570887266023 - release | You spawn right next to a large lavender field. Some cool shrubland cliffs around 173 ~ 56 (with a cool overhang over a little lake). Village at 316 ~ 137, pillager outpost at -176 ~ 281, stronghold portal room at -938 -41 1006 Snøw.mink (talk) 23:00, 5 February 2024 (UTC)

Image 2024-02-05 175629020

Minecraft 1.18.2[]

  • -4866808827349423124 - Teleport to 995378 73 204514, you will spawn on an island that has both an Origin Valley and Tropics. There is also an ocean monument nearby that causes a weird world gen bug, cutting off an island. There is also a Rainbow Hills at 1000240 71 204672, and a Volcano at 1000613 134 207991. Underneath the volcano, you'll find a spider nest. Sria-72 - (talk · edits) 01:20, 9 June 2022 (UTC)
  • -5931388227499210885 - Teleport to 32718 71 1906529, you will find yourself next to a crazy snowy mountain range with a bunch of ravines and a huge spider nest cavern carving out the mountain. There is an old growth dead forest, a snowy maple woods, and a snowy coniferous forest nearby. You are also next to a frozen ocean biome with huge icebergs. There is also a crazy, almost vertical cliff on the other side of the mountain next to the ocean. Added by Sria-72 - (talk · edits) 01:46, 18 June 2022 (UTC)
  • 2005055612651023833 - Teleport to 2200 64 -674, you will find a somewhat big Ominous Woods biome, there is an abandoned spruce village on the other side of the biome. The spawn of this seed is on a small island. - Added 23:33, 9 August 2022 (UTC)

Minecraft 1.16.5[]

1472807559 - Spawn in a snowy maple forest near to a tundra and a coniferus forest and if you go to 127 76 -4427 you will find an origin valley conected to a mushroom island. At -4317 71 -5630 is a modifed jungle edge qwith a ruined portal and nearby at -4421 69 -5890 is a Fungal Jungle. In 488 64 221 a small Ominous woods will apear right next to a Cherry Blossom Grove and finally at -8379 71 1109 you will find the rare Rainbow Hills.

Minecraft 1.16.3[]

  • 4666098711351869337 - Spawn in a outback biome next to a village and ruined portal. North of the village is a mesa biome.

Minecraft 1.16.1[]

  • 5825477121577344947 - A diverse spawn. You spawn at the base of a tall alp hill. Directly ahead you'll see a meadow village. North of the village you'll find a coniferous forest and fir clearing. South of the village you'll be met with a maple woods across a river.

Minecraft 1.15.2[]

  • 6669420 - If you want a cherry blossom forest spawn here you go don't ask why but it had to happen.
  • 5280078656355243189 - Very diverse spawn. You spawn right next to a decently sized mystic grove biome. To the other side of your spawn, there's a regular swamp with some cattails. Near spawn - and the swamp - there's a mangrove biome. There's also a wetland biome, where a regular dark forest resides nearby. If you go through the mystic grove some more, there's a coniferous forest. The other biomes surrounding the mystic grove is are some regular biomes such as: wooden hills, forest, and plains. In the plains biome there is a village. The version of BOP used is BiomesOPlenty-1.15.2- Added in by a non-signed in user.
  • 2294727229951414757 - Very rare spawn. You spawn in the Origin Hills
  • 1324447946994157030 - You spawn in a Fir forest that is bordered by an ocean, a spruce forest and a regular forest. Travelling a short distance to -393 70 422 you will find a Volcano Island connected to a Mushroom biome. Additionally, a Silkglade can be found at -1304 74 -501.
    2020-05-29 02.02

    An image of the mushroom biome connected to the volcano island at the above-mentioned cords.

  • -5176799790817827593 - The seed that contains one of the rarest biomes, the Rainbow Valley right next to a Mushroom Island. However its very far away from the spawn and the exact coordinates are X: 15000 and Z: 17500. Posted originally by, and moved here by Ilijasibinovic12.

-3092274821731541691 You spawn in a large Origin Hills biome, with a lava lake nearby as well as a nice-looking bay, next to the sea. Upon further exploration, you will discover you are on a fairly large island in the middle of an archipelago. There are a few caves dotted around the surface. There are no notable structures nearby. Should you decide to sail southward, at 110, 62, 1096 you will encounter a pirate ship which has been tipped upside down. There is one chest inside. Continuing on directly south of this structure you will encounter a grassland archipelago to your right, with another upside down pirate ship. ~GT ♥

6797651134879362488 You spawn in a Highland Moor biome, directly below this there is a normal forest and to one side a birch forest and shrubland. Continuing past the birch forest you will encounter a savannah and desert. Continuing in the same direction through the desert, you may run across a small oasis. To the left of the oasis you will find more shrubland, which appears to stretch for a good way. If you decide to go west, you shall see ocean and a small amount of normal forest. If you decide to go south, you will also find ocean, with a tipped-over pirate ship at the corner of the land. There is more shrubland here. If you head southeast you will find an outback biome, with small trees dotted around. This leads on into the large expanse of desert to the east of spawn. If, however you decide to continue on through the outback you will find a massive wasteland, which appears to stretch for hundreds of blocks. There is another outback biome, and a small portion of the sea has been greyed by the wasteland's poison to the south. Persevering east, you will now see a savannah, with a sharp cliff in the centre. Upon further examination you will discover this steep collection of rocky points to be a shattered savannah. Heading north through this [Or having gone through the massive desert biome] you will find a small badlands. Heading a little northeast of the badlands, you will find more shrubland and desert area, along with the last of the shattered savannah and a birch forest. Eventually the desertous land gives way and woodland prevails for quite a way. Then, still further north, you will find plains and a village, with a tiny orchard biome hugging the left coast, and a picturesque [and absolutely enormous] wetland. A witch hut can be found by the coast, just as the wetland begins. To the northeast, the wetland eventually gives way to an equally massive marsh, and a fairly large mangrove forest. After a couple of hundred blocks northeast, the marsh stops and a plains [with village] can be found, still clung to by the mangrove forest on one side. Still going northeast, there is an orchard and prairie. ~GT ♥

-5047266605624001503 You spawn in a grassland, on a small hill. Directly in front of you there is a silkglade biome. It is fairly small, with no notable features apart from a small cliff and lake. To your left is a boreal forest, which stretches for hundreds of blocks and is very dense, leading into a snowy taiga further left, and a fir forest behind where you spawn. To your right is a plains biome, and an orchard. A forest containing an open-air ravine is also to your right, but slightly behind you. There is also a large lake in the middle of the forest. There are also small pockets of a shield biome directly behind you. At 222 79 -534 as the fir forest transitions to being snowy, and a spruce forest is thrown into the mix, a village can be found. Heading straight north from the village, you will find a meadow, leading into a flower meadow with a pillager outpost in the middle. For this reason I don't suggest making the small fir village a permanent home. The meadow stretches for a long way, but eventually if continue north, you will find another shield biome, to the right of this a spruce forest, and to the right a bog. ~GT ♥

343671709156056288 You spawn in a bayou, with a very hilly woodland directly in front of you. If you head northeast for a ways, you will find a prairie, pasture and a grove. There is a village in the pasture, which leads on into a lavender field. There is also a mountain with a chaparral biome covering most of it's surface, and eventually more woodland, with a pillager outpost where the lavender field, woodland and a river meet. Heading in a more eastern direction from the outpost, you will find a flower forest and to the right of it a regular forest. If, however you decided to head directly right from spawn you will find a woodland with a large village where it meets the pasture. If you head directly north, you will find a chaparral and a mangrove forest, followed by a ghost forest and normal forest. Northwest of spawn is a redwood forest, along with a cherry blossom grove, and left of the cherry grove, a village and forest. Just east of the village is a witch hut. In the southwest all there is to see is seemingly endless bayou and mangrove, along with marsh and a huge expanse of sea. To the west of spawn is a wetland. ~GT♥

6062024121628224241 You spawn in a shrubland. Directly in front of you is an ocean with a pirate ship slight southwest. To the west is a village you can see from spawn, along with a grassland and forest. To the east is a pirate ship, and the end of the land. To the northeast is another pirate ship. Straight north is a highland across a small expanse of water, with highland moor mixed in. Northwest is a mega taiga with normal taiga surrounding, and further on is a steppe biome alongside a snowy taiga. ~GT ♥

1759075858918716132 You spawn in a boreal forest, and if you head south [in front of you] you will find a normal forest. To the west is normal forest alongside a grassland, which stretches all the way up to the north. Continuing west you will find a mangrove forest and an orchard, with a coral reef, fungal jungle, and tropical rainforest all next to eachother. To the northwest of this location, there is a normal jungle. Directly north is a bog and a snowy taiga, followed by a meadow and tundra. Even further on you will find a fir forest and wetland. ~GT ♥

1737379577536532609 You spawn in a fir forest, and to the south you will find a mega taiga with normal taiga surrounding it, followed by a grassland slightly to the southwest. Directly west of spawn is open ocean. To the north of spawn is more fir forest and ocean, with a pirate ship and ruins. After a while of travelling over ocean, you will see a snowy forest, with a meadow directly after it. There is a village in the meadow, followed by more fir forest. To the east of spawn you will find more ocean. This is actually a giant island, so at some point there will be ocean whatever direction you go. Could be a nice island for a minigame, or just an island survival challenge! ~GT ♥

666 [Friend requested world] You spawn in a highland, with highland moors to the left, followed by ocean in front of you. There is a small rounded island, with a 'cursed' spike of highland. After a bit of sailing, you shall find a cherry blossom biome, with a pirate ship on the coast. To the left of the cherry biome, you will see a bog, with a fir forest. After the cherry biome you will find a normal forest, with chaparral alongside it. To the west of spawn is shrubland, woodland and a mesa, and as the mesa transitions to a savannah there is a fairly large village. To the east is ocean. To the south, still in the highland moors, is an ocean ruin which has glitched onto the land by world generation. After this biome has ended, there is a forest. Eventually, with enough land travel, you will find a redwood forest, with plains to the left. Travelling a bit further on, there is a chaparral and woodland, with a xeric shrubland, with regular shrubland mixed in. ~GT ♥

Minecraft 1.13.2[]

  • None (currently).

Minecraft 1.12.2[]

  • 3922424425013433058 - Spawn on Island. North West has Desert, Oasis, and Village. South West has Lavender Fields. Travel south for more islands and two ocean monuments near each other. Rainforest Biome island (-460, 83, 845) is located right in between the two monuments to the east and west. There is also a large ravine under the island. In addition, there is a jungle temple located nearby at -440, 85, 1700 and also nearby the temple is a large Bamboo Forest biome. There are lots to explore near spawn, one of the greatest seeds I've ever found. BOP build number used is "BiomesOPlenty-1.12-" Added by ShackTi1.
    Spawn Island, Desert & Village, Lavendar Fields

    Center island is spawn. Upper left is Lavender Fields. Upper right is Desert, Oasis, and Village.

    Rainforest Island, Jungle, Ocean Mounument

    Center Island is Rainforest. Upper left is one of the Ocean Monuments. Upper right is Jungle Biome.

  • -8333485523184029374 - Origin Island spawn point. It's rather large. BOP build number used is "BiomesOPlenty-1.12-" Added by ShackTi1. Note that this seed was found on the wiki for Origin Island in the discussion section.
  • -8333224771843891543 - Spawn in Maple woods, nearby islands contain many assorted biomes. Does have a small mystic grove and sacred springs.
  • -6457583245248222882 - You spawn in one of the rarest biomes, the Mystic Grove!
  • 7029141189681643070 - There should be a sacred springs biome on your left, you will spawn in a jungle. There is also an ominous woods biome located at 690/64/-910. Added by JordanMark

These 10 seeds all have assets from Tinker's Construct, Pam's HarvestCraft, Forestry, Botania, and Natura and possibly Blood Magic. These mods don't effect terrain generation, but they do add to the aesthetics of each biome. Also of note, ALL 10 of these seeds were generated using the Archipelago worldgen feature! All seeds generated using the BOP build number

  • -4911291082054590039 - GROVE ISLAND Spawn is on a large Grove biome island. Quite a few trees, with a number of shallow lakes dotting the island. To the north of the island there is another large island with Prairie and Pasture biomes, while a dozen or so smaller islands surround the rest of Grove Island.
  • 4770946558198311384 - PLAINS VILLAGE ISLAND Spawn on a relatively large Plains biome island with scattered trees and a small Forest biome in the center of the island, as well as a village nearby. Dozens of small sand.
  • -7858618268382545908 - SAVANNA ISLAND Spawn on a large Savanna biome island with some Savanna Plateau hills scattered. To the northeast of the island is a very LARGE Extreme Hills biome island with multiple ravines visible.
  • -5188175755478910039 - BAYOU ISLAND Spawn on a very large Bayou biome island. Wood resources are not a scarcity here! Neither are sheep and cows! Directly southwest of spawn, perhaps a hundred blocks or so, is a small set of Euycalyptus Forest biome islands. Directly behind said islands is a small Jungle biome island, and south of that island is a Rainforest biome island.
  • 1263733433708394450 - LONG PLAINS ISLAND Spawn on quite a long and narrow Plains biome island. There will be one tree on the smaller island right off the northern shore. With Forestry installed, there will be another tree at the southern end of the island. Just off the southern tip of the island there will be a small Gravel Beach island.
  • -3669518809747573702 - ALPS ISLANDS Spawn right on the very lower edge of an Alps Foothills biome island. Rather large and tall island too, surrounded by other tall Alps Foothills islands. A scattering of fir trees on the island as well, and plenty of llama's to be had!
  • -3747896763061264549 - SAVANNA AND BRUSHLANDS ISLAND Spawn on the beach of a Savanna biome island. Large and sprawling savanna with quite a lot of acacia trees. Just to the south of spawn, perhaps 200-300 blocks, the island merges into a Brushlands biome. Wood resources are plentiful!
  • -391946116920438142 - GRASSLANDS ISLAND Spawn on the rolling hills of a Grasslands biome island. With Natura installed, you will find no shortage of the pink Eucalyptus trees added by the Natura mod! To the north is a small Seasonal Forest biome island, and to the east of that is a Roofed Forest biome island split in two by a river.
  • 149438395276413054 - EXTREME HILLS AND SHRUBLANDS ISLAND Spawn at the edge of an Extreme Hills biome island. With Natura installed, you will find no shortage of pink Eucalyptus trees added by the Natura mod! Directly to the east of spawn, the extreme hills merge into a Shrublands biome. The scenery is picturesque!
  • 8337502508641501165 - TAIGA ISLAND WITH VILLAGE Spawn near the edge of a Taiga biome island. This island merges with a Tundra biome directly behind spawn about 100-200 blocks. To the north of spawn, right over a hill, is a quaint little village. With Forestry installed, this village with generate with a Beekeeper's hut, with an Apiarist and an Arborist villager! Chest will have random Forestry loot.

Added by sheesh1991

  • Rose Quartz - Spawn in Maple Woods biome. Go east and you'll find a village.

Minecraft 1.11.2[]

  • 11127281321624 Spawned on a cherry tree

Minecraft 1.10.2[]

  • 8647407289308863502 --- (Customised settings to SMALL world) Spawn next to a zombie village and a desert temple. Biomes within 500 blocks: Lavender Fields, Desert, Oasis, Lush Desert, Steppe, Brushland, Highland, Meadow, Shrubland, Birch Foret, Coniferous Forest, Tundra, Cold Desert, Snowy Forest, Glacier.
2017-05-31 20.19

Minecraft 1.9.2[]

  • qwertyuiop — You should spawn in near the edge of a huge Shield Biome, to the north there is a Highland biome and large gravel beaches and ponds a tiny bit to the west.Added by Squirrel719 (talk) 20:02, March 24, 2016 (UTC)
  • biomesoplenty — You spawn on the border of a Grove and very hilly Chaparral biome, southwards is a large ocean with savanna west.Added by Squirrel719 (talk) 20:02, March 24, 2016 (UTC) .
  • 6150938612769546940 — You spawn in a Chaparral, directly southwest and northwest are mesa biomes, a Bog and a Cherry Blossom Grove are at 520 70 -10. Added by Squirrel719 (talk) 20:02, March 24, 2016 (UTC)
  • 79999982- You spawn in a Shrubland biome on the coast, with a Vanilla Mesa nearby. A vanilla desert is also directly behind spawn, with an Oasis (lacking Palm trees). A short walk's away is a Wasteland, and an Outback. Further into the Vanilla Desert is a village, and Desert Temple. A couple more Desert-like biomes are around, like a Brushland, and Lush Desert. Overall, this is a fantastic Survival seed, especially for looting!
  • 1541679577080634965- This seed is a true tropical paradise! You spawn in the rare and sought-after Eucalyptus Forest, full of rainbow trees and Rafflesia flowers. To your left is a massive Bamboo forest, and straight ahead you can find the Sacred springs AND a Tropical Rainforest! There's even a Bayou to your right! One of the best seeds in Biomes o' Plenty fur sure!

Minecraft 1.8[]

  • -946852072 — You spawn in dense forest with a boreal forest directly in front of you. To the Southeast there is a lavender field and to the Northeast there is highlands and a vanilla taiga.

Minecraft 1.7.10[]

  • 4348477292579057999 ----Spawn right next to a Desert Temple, Head North from spawn and there is a second Desert Temple. Continue North to get to Desert Village Next to a Giant WasteLand
  • -732007273 — You spawn in a Mountain biome; there is a Heathland and Sacred Springs to the north and a large Origin Valley to the east of spawn. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 10:14, July 20, 2015 (UTC)
  • 111181 — You should spawn in a Moor. A Bayou and Sludgepit are to the south, and a Wetland is further to the southwest. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 10:14, July 20, 2015 (UTC)
  • 2305399 — This is the forest-lovers dream. You spawn in a taiga. To the south is a Boreal Forest, to the west is a Maple Woods, to the east is a Mega Taiga, and to the northeast is a Seasonal Forest. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 10:14, July 20, 2015 (UTC)
  • -946852072 — The is the snow-lovers dream. You spawn near/on a sheer cliff that is an Alps biome. A Snowy Coniferous Forest is nearby too. There is an Alps Forest, Arctic, Glacier and Ice Plains roughly to the northeast of spawn. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 22:23, July 20, 2015 (UTC)
  • -1023497444 - You spawn in a desert. There is a large Canyon biome to the northwest of spawn. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 07:15, July 26, 2015 (UTC)
  • 79999982 - You spawn near the shore. The rare Xeric Shrubland, albeit quite a large one, is nearby. A Steppe and Savannah are nearby too.
  • -1896109122 - You spawn in an Outback. The rare Eucalyptus Forest is directly to the southwest.
  • -175214031066455781 — Yet another Eucalyptus Forest. 1234Iloveguns (talk) 07:15, July 26, 2015 (UTC)
  • 232858085590774416 — You spawn near the shore. You can either survive in a Seasonal Forest to the south, a Temperate Rainforest to the southwest, or a Fungi Forest to the northwest. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 07:15, July 26, 2015 (UTC)
  • -1782520901 — The prized Jade Cliffs are due south of spawn. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 07:15, July 26, 2015 (UTC)
  • 1649099149 — You spawn near a Crag that reaches 225+ blocks high. Added by 1234Iloveguns (talk) 07:15, July 26, 2015 (UTC)
  • 1423803489 - Another Crag spawn. This one reaches 248+ blocks high and has this naturally-generated insane place to jump.
  • srijayawardenepurakotte - spawn next to a small strip of deciduous forest, followed by a river and a redwood forest. the downside is that you spawn under water.
  • 973243645 - Spawn with your back against a canyon, there is also another canyon behind that to the north too! Dense forest over the ocean to the south.

Minecraft 1.7.2[]

  • Laura - Spawn near to a Cherry Blossom Grove and Maple Woods
  • Rose Quartz - a Beautiful mystic grove with a lake in the middle. this seed is also need an ocean
  • -7844701202256987846 - Spawn right in the middle of a Sacred Springs