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The Shrubland biome is composed of low hills with lots of grasses, and no trees. It is populated densely by groups of oak bushes and bush plants. Passive creatures, notably horses, spawn naturally. Surviving here is a bit difficult, there are passive mobs, but the wood is very scarce, because the bushes only have only one block tall. However, the shrubs are a bit hearty, giving the player wood. You need to plant trees here to survive. There is a variant biome, Rocky Shrubland.


Rocky Shrubland[]

The Rocky Shrubland, apparently a new version of the Chaparral, is a variant of the shrubland having less bushes and patches of stone replacing grass. The Chaparral used to have more lush color of grass instead of the regular shrubland color.


When the biome was released, there were a lot less bushes in the biome. There was also a sub-biome called Thick Shrubland that was close to the biome we have today, having more bushes. In 1.7.2 and 1.7.10, the Thick Shrubland sub-biome was removed and made having more bushes.


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