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Amber This page describes a removed feature.
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.


Spruce Woods is a sub-biome of the Forest Biome, containing some Spruce trees. Filled with lots of grass, Berry Bushes, Dandelions and Bluebells. Oak trees, ferns and sprouts do spawn here, but lakes and ponds are a rare find in this biome. This biome has different variant spruce trees, however contains only 1 variant oak tree.

Tips for survival[]

These are easy to play in survival, using berries as food and the animals spawning in the biome. There is a variety of wood so you can build more diverse houses easily.

Mobs and NPCs[]

Sheep, chicken, pigs and all other vanilla animals spawn here. Since villages don't spawn here, villagers don't too.


It doesn't exist after BOP 1.7.10, and it was added in 1.3.2.

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