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Terrariums are objects used for decoration purposes. There are 16 terrariums in total. They are glass jars with plants inside. In order to craft one you must put an empty jar, a soil block (such as grass or overgrown netherrack) and whatever plant is needed for the inside. (Like flax)

A list of recipes have been provided below.

Terrarium Image Tooltip ID №
Fern Terrarium
1 Fern Terrarium
Fernterrariumicon 4216/0
Mushroom Terrarium Mushroomterrariumicon 4216/1
Cactus Terrarium
3 Cactus Terrarium
Cactusterrariumicon 4216/2
Flax Terrarium
4 Flax Terrarium
Flaxterrariumicon 4216/3
Flower Terrarium
5 Flower Terrarium
Flowerterrariumicon 4216/4
Koru Terrarium
6 Koru Terrarium
Koruterrariumicon 4216/5
Bamboo Terrarium
7 Bamboo Terrarium
Bambooterrariumicon 4216/6
Sapling Terrarium
8 Sapling Terrarium
Saplingterrariumicon 4216/7
Glowshroom Terrarium
9 Glowshroom Terrarium
Glowshroomterrariumicon 4216/8
Dead Terrarium
10 Dead Terrarium
Deadterrariumicon 4216/9
Mystic Terrarium
11 Mystic Terrarium
Mysticterrariumicon 4216/10
Ominous Terrarium
12 Ominous Terrarium
Ominousterrariumicon 4216/11
Wasteland Terrarium
13 Wasteland Terrarium
Wastelandterrariumicon 4216/12
Nether Terrarium
15 Nether Terrarium
Netherterrariumicon 4216/14
Ender Terrarium
16 Ender Terrarium
Enderterrariumicon 4216/15
Terrarium Recipe
Fern Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/Spectral Moss, and a Fern
Mushroom Terrarium Empty Jar, Mycelium, and a Red Mushroom
Cactus Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/Spectral Moss, and a Tiny Cactus
Flax Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/Spectral Moss, and Flax
Flower Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/Spectral Moss, and a Pink Daffodil
Koru Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/ Spectral Moss, and Koru
Bamboo Terrarium Empty Jar, Podzol, and a Bamboo
Sapling Terrarium/Beach Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/Spectral Moss, and a Sapling (Beach Terrarium) Empty Jar, Sand, and Sea Oats
Glowshroom Terrarium Empty Jar, Overgrown Stone, and a Glowshroom
Dead Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/Spectral Moss, and a Dead Bush
Mystic Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block/Spectral Moss, and a Glowflower
Ominous Terrarium Empty Jar, Grass Block, and a Deathbloom
Wasteland Terrarium Empty Jar, Dried Sand, and a Wilted Lily
Origin Terrarium Empty Jar, Origin Grass Block, and a Rose
Nether Terrarium Empty Jar, Overgrown Netherrack, and a Burning Blossom
Ender Terrarium Empty Jar, Spectral Moss, and a Spectral Fern

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