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The thicket is a biome covered in small oak trees and shrubs with thorns spread about,these biomes look a lot like the Shrubland. Allium flowers, a rare vanilla flower normally only found in the flower forest, appear frequently in this biome. Tallgrass is a bit rarer in this biome. One could easily avoid the thorns making this a good biome to live in, as there is plenty of wood, passive mobs spawn here, and the thorns could be used as traps. In addition, the wood is abundant and can be used to build a shelter and to make beds. In short, survival is very easy here. However, it was removed in 1.8.9


When it was added, it had green grass and foliage color. In 1.7.2, it was changed to have a darker shade of gray instead. It was removed in 1.8.9.


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