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Thirst is one of the major components of Tough As Nails. It's similar to hunger, in that it will drop from moving around a lot. You also cannot sprint if your thirst is too low, and you will die of dehydration on Hard/Hardcore difficulties. There are a variety of ways to quench your thirst, from canteens to juices.

The canteen is the most basic item for restoring thirst. It can be crafted with just 6 pieces of leather, making it ideal for early-game survival. However, water collected with the canteen will always be dirty, and have a very high chance of giving the Thirst status effect.

The Thirst status effect will make your thirst drop at a faster rate, similar to the Hunger effect that can occur from eating uncooked foods and other items.

To prevent this, you can collect water with glass bottles, and filter/clean it. All water collected by water bottles will be dirty at the start, and you must filter it with a charcoal filter before you can clean it by boiling it in a furnace.

Another way to get clean water is with a rain collector. They will fill up gradually when it rains, and any water collected from them will be clean.

You can also make various juices with clean water, sugar, and various fruits/vegetables. They restore more thirst than water, so it's a great option if you plan on travelling or won't be near water for a while.

In addition, potions and buckets of milk also restore thirst. Here is a full list of items that can restore thirst, as well as how much they restore:

  • Dirty Water Canteen (x1 Use): (1)
  • Dirty Water Bottle: (1)
  • Filtered Water Canteen (x1 Use): (removed)
  • Filtered Water Bottle: (removed)
  • Milk Bucket: (3)
  • Clean Water Canteen (x1 Use): (3)
  • Water Bottle: (3)
  • Potion: (3.5)
  • Pumpkin Juice: (3.5)
  • Apple Juice: (4)
  • Carrot Juice: (4)
  • Melon Juice: (4)
  • Cactus Juice: (4.5)
  • Beetroot Juice: (5)
  • Chorus Fruit Juice: (6)
  • Golden Carrot Juice: (7)
  • Glistering Melon Juice: (8)
  • Golden Apple Juice: (10)